Procedure to start pathways 

1.Visit and login by entering username and password.Please note that only members can access it.

2.Go to Pathways and then click 'Take Assessment'.Choose your language.Once the assessment is done three pathways will be shown on the page for you to select based on the answers you gave on assessment.

3.After selecting the path  choose the “go to base camp sub-tab”.Select your Homeclub and Login as a member

4.You will be in Base Camp .Click on "My Educational Transcript"

5.Click on Open Curriculam"

6.You will find the 5 levels listed on the left side. Choose level 1 and you will get your projects of level 1.

7.Select the icebreaker Project and Launch it

For any doubts ,please contact TM Asokan President:-

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TM Suresh Lamsal VP Education:-

Mobile: 66737714